What I did over the past week XXIV

I'm officially on vacation, huzzah. Not so much time spent in front of the computer. Been knocking out the smaller things on the honey-do list while doing prep work for the really big stuff.


  • Moved the old metal shelf to the back porch, and consolidated all gardening-related stuff from the porch and garage onto it.
  • Took down the webs of the various spiders killed off by recent freezes.
  • Installed insulating gaskets on most outlets that back up against exterior walls.
  • Replaced the 18-year-old dishwasher that blew its internal fuse again. Given the multitude of smaller issues the old one had, it just wasn't worth firing the (secondhand) parts cannon at it any more. Plus I wouldn't be able to get any parts until after the new year. Thanks to the requisite blood sacrifice, the new one went in with no fuss.
  • The vacuum cleaner sucks once again! The home office hasn't been this free of cat hair since the lockdown began.
  • Set up a new secondary DNS for ShaftNet, cleaned out some old entries, and regenerated all DNSSEC keys. Should resolve the intermittent resolving issues that have cropped up lately.


  • Reworked EROS Q/K scroll wheel handling.


  • Fixed the 'make clean' target in selphy_print.
  • Fixed some CI build stability issues.