What I did over the past week XXIII

Very long $dayjob hours for the end-of-year push, but it's all done, and I'm on vaction through the rest of the year. The Honey-Do list is pretty long, and travelling anywhere is pretty much out.


  • Installed 18' of simple wire shelving over the freezers in the garage.
  • Replaced a rickety commercial metal shelf with a much larger and more solid unit.
  • Started reorganizing things in the garage to be more orderly and consistent.
  • Another round of gutter cleaning, and swept up seven loads of leaves. The to-bag pile keeps growing; I hope to tackle most of it this week.


  • Made a very small dent in the patch and bug backlog.
  • The fallback invalid voice file wasn't being installed properly.
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs affecting laguage translation stats.
  • Added Dutch voices to the nightly build after a user supplied an updated translation.
  • Added Russian voices to the nightly builds.
  • Fixed fallback "invalid voice" prompt to be installed in the correct place.
  • Fixed all URLs in the manual to use https.


  • Fixed a four-month-old CFLAGS typo in the selphy_print Makefile.