What I did over the past week XXI

A very-scaled-back Thanksgiving happened. And I got some needed rest.


  • Cleaned out the gutters twice, swept up eight more 26-cu-ft loads of leaves, and hauled away just 10 bags (for a total of 40). The very next morning the yard looks like I'd done nothing whatsoever. Meanwhile, the to-bag pile grows ever larger...
  • Cooked up a (very) scaled-down Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Pulled enough hair out of the kids' bathtub drain to make a Japanese horror film.

Vehicular Stuff:

  • Replaced the (very) worn-out wipers on the truck and the WRX.
  • Changed the oil on the Kubota (quite nasty!) and the WRX.
  • Topped off the transmission in the Kubota.
  • Pulled the dents out of the WRX's fender. It's still a little lumpy, but much improved from the tree incident nearly four (!) years ago. Meanwhile, for nearly as long, I've had a replacement fender sitting in my garage, albeit the wrong color. One of these days I'll get to it.


  • More bugfixes to the www site.
  • Further rbutil metadata generation work.
  • A couple more minor bugs closed.


  • Significantly better status reporting on the Sony UP-DR200.
  • Started implementing backend support for the Mitubishi CP-D30DW.