What I did over the past week XX


  • Upgraded ShaftNet to Fedora 32. Fixed most of the fallout.
  • Improved home networking:
    • Traced and labeled all of the RG6 coax drops in the house
    • Installed a new splitter and cleaned up the wires where they all terminate.
    • MoCA adapters installed in the media center and master bedroom.
    • Attached nearly all 2.4GHz-only devices to the MoCA bridges.
  • Cleaned the gutters again, and swept up nearly 100 cubic feet of leaves.
  • Dishwasher died mid-cycle; turned out to be an internal fuse. Replaced it, the loose handle, and re-leveled the whole thing.

Vehicular Stuff:

  • Installed the replacement dome light on the Kubota. I really need to pick up an inline fuse.


  • Added the necessary librares to enable interfacing with the bluetooth subsystem on HibyOS-based targets.
  • Update configure script to prompt for USB serial support when in advanced mode.
  • Cleaned out some long-deprecated language strings.
  • Bugfixes for USB action prompt on some targets.
  • Improved ALSA PCM driver to reduce (and better mitigate) buffer underruns.
  • Minor xDuoo X3 manual fixes.
  • Fixed HTML manual generation with modern Tex Live packages.
  • Infrastructure improvements:
    • Buildserver now uses 10-character commit IDs internally.
    • Improved metadata generation for the upcoming Rockbox Utility release.
    • Rearranged where daily builds, voices, and manual files are placed.
    • Nightly build scripts now generate a font package.

Photo Organizer:

  • Minor changes for better PHP 7.4 compatibility; Now requires at least PHP 5.4!


  • Bugfixes affecting the Sony UP-DR200 (and probably other older UP-series models).