What I did over the past week XIX


  • Cleaned out the gutters (again), and swept up three more loads of leaves.
  • Hauled off another 10 bags of leaves (total of 30 so far)

Vehicular Stuff:

  • Wired up a waterproof LED dome light on the Kubota, and had to remove it the next day as it turned out to be defective.
  • Discovered the Subaru was low on both oil and coolant. Sigh...
  • Picked up and installed a new wheel splash shield for the Prius; the old one was shredded by a hidden stump.


  • Further cleanup of the PCM API.
  • Explicitly clear all pending button events when entering Yes/No popup.
  • Configurable action upon on USB insertion, including prompting the user.
  • Some platform-level fixes for the iBasso DX50/DX90.
  • Fixed a pile of minor bugs with the WWW site scripts.
  • Upgraded gerrit instance to v2.16.23, fixing a longstanding site configuration problem along the way.
  • Wrote up a privacy policy, and added a link to the site templates.
  • Made some quality-of-life improvements in the admin mode on the theme site.
  • Cleaned out obsoleted/superseded themes, shrinking the DB size by nearly 2/3rds and about 100MB of disk space.
  • Reviewed some patches.