What I did over the past week XVIII


  • Replaced kitchen faucet and installed a drinking water filter. This was a real PITA due to limited access and seized bolts. I ended up using a Dremel to cut off the supply lines, and an angle grinder to take off the faucet from the top. Unfortunately, I managed to gouge the sink in the process. It was already pretty beat up so it's not the end of the world.
  • More yard work! Literally hammered the leaf sweeper back into working condition, cleaned out the gutters yet again, swept up several more loads of leaves, and hauled off the first 20 bags of this new season before Eta's effects began to hit us.

Vehicular Stuff:

  • Replaced the Kubota's taillights with standard 6" oval LED fixtures, for much improved nighttime visibility. Daytime too, as the old bulbs were pretty dinky.


  • Got rid of last python2 scripts involved in WWW site.
  • Added a heuristic to determine if ATA devices are actually solid-state.
  • Updated a 7-year-old patch for iPods to restore factory hard drive timings, but made it apply only when solid-state drives were in use.
  • Nuked a few more remnants of the old Archos players.
  • Fixed a scroll wheel regression on the Eros Q and clones.
  • A little progress on the Patch / Bug backlog.