What I did over the past week XVII

Wow, four months of these weekly updates!


  • Replaced the fuel line and filter on the leaf blower. Now starts and runs a lot better, but can't sustain full throttle. It's a net improvement, but I will have to put that diagnosis off until next weekend.
  • Cleaned out the gutters and vainly attempted to keep up with the falling leaves. Also gathered up various fallen tree bits.
  • Added another shelf to the server rack, relocated all of my test equipment onto it, and tidied up more of the wiring.
  • Further reorganized my home office; moved some work stuff from my desk to the top of the rack, and shifted around storage a bit. Still need to improve the new cabling flow to be more cat-friendly.
  • Upgraded the beastly server and my workstation to Fedora 33.

Vehicular Stuff:

  • Oil change on the Prius. Made a huge mess, and had to degrease the driveway afterwards
  • Re-mounted the Subaru's rear view mirror the day after it fell off. Again.
  • Cleaned the Kubota's windshield for the first time.
  • Fixed the Kubota's left tail light. Manufacturing defect, apparently!
  • Affixed reflective strips to the read and sides of the Kubota and flatbed trailer.


  • Fixed multiple potential crash bugs exposed by -fdelete-null-pointer-checks.
  • Back ported a pile of bug fixes to the WMA Pro codec.
  • Globally disabled -fno-delete-null-pointer-checks.
  • Triaged a few more bug tickets and gerrit change sets.
  • Forward-ported and applied multiple old fixes out of Gerrit.
  • Consolidated more code common to HibyOS players.
  • Removed pcm_play_pause() and associated APIs.
  • Some initial Bluetooth platform integration work
  • Purchased some Allwinner V3/S3 dev boards