What I did over the past week XVI


  • Finally migrated the home server to a dual E6-2650v2 beast
  • Upgraded three systems to Fedora 33
  • Disassembled the ice maker in the fridge, thawed out the motor and gave the whole assembly a good cleaning.
  • Cleaned up more of the garage, giving away or tossing out stuff.
  • Two more loads of leaves swept up, a new pile is growing!
  • Made a top cover/shelf for my server rack out of an old sheet of 1/4" plywood.

Vehicular Stuff:

  • Changed the truck's oil


  • X20 muting bug fix
  • X3 track skip hang bug fix (likely affected other targets too)
  • Rocker audio hang after screen fade-in "fixed" (kernel bug)
  • Triaged and closed several bug tickets.
  • Added UISim target for Eros Q / K series
  • More FiiO M3K bug fixing
  • Convert FFT plugin to use PluginAction input
  • Fixed volume display in status bar not respecting decimal point
  • Upgraded gerrit instance
  • Heavily reworked hosted ALSA driver:
    • Get rid of non-async (tick task) mode due to complete brokenness
    • Allow device to be switched at runtime
    • Rework driver init vs device init
    • Much better error & under run handling
    • Smaller audio buffers to avoid glitching
    • Don't start audio with silence (no longer needed)
    • Add recording capability (untested)
  • Partial rework of status bar
    • Now tied to SYSFONT size rather than fixed 8px
    • X3ii/X20/Eros targets now display numeric values properly, including volume, battery, and clock!
  • Fixed a regression in the iriver_flash plugin caused by new toolchain


  • Partial Matte modes for DNP DS620/DS820/QW410