What I did over the past week XV


  • Finally finished bagging up last season's leaves; a total of 98 bags.
  • Blew out the gutters and swept up another two bags of fresh leaves.
  • Unloaded some old furniture on Craigslist


  • Bumped arm and m68k targets to use the same GCC 4.9.4 toolchain used by all other targets. Cleaned up the mess that ensued. mostly in various bootloader builds. (This was more than six months in the making; now we need to make sure there are no regressions..)
  • Disabled audio de-emphasis filter on the xDuoo X3.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes for the M3K; platform is still a complete mess.
  • Fixed occasional shutdown crash on the Rocker.
  • Fixed the LCD backlight speed on the X3ii and Eros Q/K series.
  • Added Rockbox Utility support for ErosQ/K and clones, and published OF image patches.
  • Hosted platforms saw some significant improvements:
    • Multi-drive operation finally works properly
    • Samsung YP-R0/R1 and Sony NWZ targets now properly hide the host filesystem and support hot-swappable SD cards in the same manner as all other targets.
  • Hiby-based hosted targets also saw improvements:
    • Consolidated and bug fixed the USB code
    • Consolidated the common portions of the configuration files
    • Generated updated bootloaders for X3ii/X20/Rocker
    • Can properly hot-swap the SD card
    • Truly seamless integration of hot-swappable external USB storage
  • Research Bluetooth stack options for native targets