What I did over the past week XIV


  • Another 10 bags of soggy leaves bagged and hauled off (Total: 90)
  • Cut up more fallen tree bits.
  • Flushed the water heater. Lots of fine silt!
  • Took off the doors to the home office closet, added more shelving, and continued organizing things.


Lots of Rockbox work this week!

  • Purged a little more Archos stuff
  • Exclude audio drivers from bootloader builds
  • Get rid of hacks meant for targets that lack certain keys
  • Land the 'VTX' codec, and enable it on all current floating-point-capable targets
  • X3ii/X20 get larger default system font
  • Landed the reworked M3K port from xVortex.
    • Decent amount of [re]integration rework
    • Don't yet have ability to generate a patched firmware image so it's not actually usable yet
    • Plenty of work still ahead
  • New port to the EROS Q / EROS K players and their clones
    • Including patching stock firmware images!
    • Still needs rbutil integration
  • Many improvements to the "Hiby Linux" platform & bootloader/launcher
    • Much better key mappings
    • On USB attachment, launch last firmware unless ADB is running
    • Allow remounting the SD card
    • Platform-level support for hot-plug SD cards and external USB storage (!)
    • Still banging on it before I regenerate patches for rbutil to use
  • Greatly improved auto-mute in the hosted ALSA PCM driver. X3ii is nearly sane!
  • Clean up "pivot root" path redirection on most hosted targets.
  • Add ROLO support for hosted targets.