What I did over the past week XIII

Fall has arrived, bringing a bout of very Seattle-esque weather. But I kept the blahs away by getting a lot done!


  • Hauled away another 10 bags of leaves from the pile (total: 80), and swept up another load. Rain prevented any additional work.
  • Cleaned the gutters and the driveway
  • Installed another shelf in a wardrobe
  • Completely emptied out a large tub of old computer stuff, organizing the worthwhile bits and throwing out the rest. All that remains is to tidy up one final cable snarl.
  • Purchased a "New Model M" keyboard from Unicomp to replace the 25-year-old M that was murdered by a glass of Orange juice just before the COVID lock down started. The Cherry keyboard I was using in the mean time was decent, but.. the M remains the best keyboard I've ever used. Meanwhile, the 27-year-old M that I've used for every job of my career remains locked away in the inaccessible $dayjob lab.

Vehicular Stuff:

  • Found a large nail in the tire of the RTV while doing yard work, but it didn't actually puncture the knobby off-road tires.


Lots of Rockbox work this week!

  • LUA plugins can now use buttons on iPod external remotes.
  • Fixed audioscrobbler file location on hosted targets
  • Continued slicing and reworking the M3K code dump:
    • xDuoo X3ii & X20 gained filter roll-off support
    • ALSA PCM driver can now sanely switch sample rates.
    • Support for 176/192KHz playback. (16-bit only still)
    • On hosted targets, turn of LCD when backlight is off.
    • Further cleanup work on the VTX decoder.
    • M3K Port almost ready for merging!
  • Hosted target improvements:
    • Improved LCD and general UI responsiveness.
    • Handle PCM under-run errors when starting a new playback stream.
    • Support muting analog output when PCM is not active (Rocker only for now, X3ii/X20 still have issues)
    • Backlight fading sped up.
  • xDuoo X3ii & X20 audio jacks can be hot-plugged at any time now.
  • xDuoo X3ii & X20 key map and lock switch emulations improved.
  • AGPTek Rocker WPS key map fixes.
  • Improvements for 176/192KHz audio:
    • Heavily reworked support macros.
    • Larger mixer/DMA buffers.
    • Enabled 176/196KHz all most targets that have hardware support and have sufficient free space for expanded buffers.
    • Many bugs will likely be exposed by this addition.
  • Triaged and closed several bug tickets.
  • Set up another build host on an old, slow box.
  • Used Rockbox funds to purchase a new M3K and used Hifiwalker H2 for R&D purposes.
  • Research into various Chinese music players for potential Rockbox porting targets.
  • A lot of thinking and discussions about ensuring Rockbox's long-term sustainability.


  • Figured out the changes in the recent DNP QW410 firmware (additional paper sizes)
  • const-ified a static data structure