What I did over the past week XI

Between the very rainy weather and getting sick over the weekend, I didn't get all that much done. C'est la vie.


  • Completely paid off the tick farm. Now I'm down to just one mortgage!
  • Replaced the wheels on my desk chair, and put down a new carpet protector.
  • Rearranged the kiddo's room, swapping out the loft bed for one just off the ground, and moving a bunch of wall shelves around.

Vehicular Stuff:

  • Did some work on the camper's electrics:
    • Replaced the radio with a year-older unit that supports HD-Radio. I was able to reuse the original wiring harness, making the whole job pretty painless. Not bad for $16!
    • Swapped out the RPi's power supply, cleaned up its wiring, and installed an actual power switch.
    • Fixed the (very loose terminal junction that supplied power to the TV, RPi, and USB ports. This was probably the reason the old RPi supply was browning out, but didn't discover this until after I'd removed the old supply.


  • Rewrote the jz4760 USB driver to enable DMA-driven data transfers, yielding a 34-68% increase in sequential read and write throughput.


  • A few things are cooking but nothing to publicly show for it yet.