What I did over the past week X

Didn't feel like I got much done last week, but my notes say otherwise. And that's a big part of why I'm doing this.


  • Properly organized:
    • Electrical crimps and connectors (consolidated several sets)
    • Much of the small screw collection (less exciting than it sounds!)
    • Automotive fuses
    • Automotive light bulbs
  • Assembled a RD6012 programmable 60V/10A bench power supply supplied in kit form, and have used it multiple times already!
  • KVM switch on my server rack failed a couple of weeks ago; finally replaced it.
  • Hauled off another truckload of fallen tree bits.
  • Shank the leaf pile by another 8 bags' worth.
  • Replaced exterior door seals shredded by the cats.

Vehicular Stuff:

  • Installed the new clutch slave cylinder on the WRX, then bled and adjusted the system. Clutch pedal feel is much improved; smoother, more consistent, and perhaps a bit stiffer overall, with none of the occasional juddering I had grown used to. I suspect the hydraulics have been slowly failing for a while now!
  • Another two rounds of mold killer/protection.
  • Recharged the air conditioner and used it to help suck the excess humidity out of the car. I've missed driving this thing!


  • xDuoo X3: More screenshots and key map in manual
  • A couple of off-by-one errors in the Haas surround code
  • Rewrote the translation site helper script in Perl, reducing its runtime from about 30 seconds to just 3.5.


  • DNP DS820: Add a firmware version check for the A4x6" size