What I did over the past week IX

Nine weeks in a row. I think this format is working out okay, though I'm feeling the need to go into more detail. A lot of these things could probably be expanded into full-length articles (or photo essays, or heh, video!) but I'm not feeling that motivated.


  • Broke out the circular saw to cut some shelving down to size.
  • Replaced the came-with-the-house bird feeder with one that's not (literally) falling apart. We're regularly seeing at least three pairs of cardinals, as well as wrens, titmice and morning doves.
  • Cleaned out the gutters. Not too bad this time.
  • Hauled a truckload of fallen tree bits to the landfill. Next up, hauling off the rotting wood pile (and if the rain lets up, yet more leaves)
  • Made my best-ever batch of blackberry cobbler.

Vehicular Stuff:

  • Attempted to swap the failing clutch hydraulics on the WRX; unfortunately I didn't discover my early-production-run vehicle required a different clutch slave cylinder until after I had started reassembling everything. The correct one is now on order, but but the car is now completely un-driveable until it shows up. Joy.
  • Pinpointed the exact location of the worsening windshield leak and unsuccessfully attempted to repair it with some RTV. Along the way I cleaned decaying pine needles (at least two years old!) out of the rain rails and unclogged two drainage paths, so while not fixed, the leak is much improved.
  • Hosed down the front seats in mold killer. Said leak, heavy rain for weeks on end, a heavily shaded yard, and very little driving make it quite difficult to dry things out!
  • Removed the water-damaged boost gauge from the A-pillar and installed its replacement in the spot vacated by the no-longer-needed fuel pressure gauge. As an added bonus, I redid the ghetto-ass gauge wiring that involved a wire shoved under a fuse terminal.


  • mips: Rework CPU cache management.
  • mips: Minor tweaks to all asm code, mostly to enable future work.
  • jz4760: Working hardware-timer-based udelay(). Third time's the charm!
  • xduoox3: Disable some more unused peripherals to save power.
  • xduoox3: Increase audio buffer size to lower interrupt load.
  • xduoox3: Re-clocking is now stable but the switch introduces an audio artifact, so it remains disabled.


  • Fix print combining on DNP DS820 with A4 media.