What I did over the past week VIII

Here's the highlights of what I did over the past seven days.


  • Put up wall shelving in one of the bedrooms
  • Put together an IKEA wardrobe for the master bedroom
  • Bagged and hauled off another 22 bags of leaves (total: 50, maybe 1/2 done?)
  • Minor general yard work when it wasn't raining
  • Swapped out ShaftNet's RAID controller


  • Fixed longstanding bug in Mikmod port that broke XM playback
  • Switched to a narrow system font on all targets with tiny (128x64) screens
  • Lots of work on the xDuoo X3:
    • SD: Hot-plugging fixed, Interrupt-driven DMA transfers, and automatic clock-gating
    • Un-"fixed" udelay()
    • Improved battery curves
    • Additional screenshots and key maps in manual
    • Further cleanups to the clocking code
    • Default audio volume is no longer eardrum-destroying
    • IRQ handling improvements (including rudimentary priority settings)
    • Slightly more efficient button polling
    • Disable dynamic CPU clocking to help hunt down audio artifacts
    • Explicitly disable UARTs at startup


  • Job combining improvements for the S2245