What I did over the past week VII

Here's the highlights of what I did over the past seven days.


  • New battery and alternator belt in RTV (coincidental, I think)
  • New A/C compressor for the house ($1800 worth of ouch)
  • Home workstation storage shuffle
  • Installed a tilt-out under-sink storage cubby in the master bathroom
  • Installed return air path vents in Master bedroom
  • Another 8 bags of leaves filled and hauled off; would have been more but it's been raining pretty heavily all week (total so far: 28)


  • Ongoing bug triage
  • Minor infrastructure tweaks
  • Wrote the missing manual entry for the Mikmod plugin
  • Wrote most of the manual for the xDuoo X3
  • Fixed some minor key map bugs on the xDuoo X3


  • Bug fixes for Sinfonia S2245/S3 -- All sizes now confirmed working