What I did over the past week VI

Here's the highlights of what I did over the past seven days.


  • Installed supplemental LED lighting on RTV
  • Front yard leaves are finally done [enough], onto the back yard now
  • Started bagging up the giant leaf pile; 20 30-gallon bags so far (truck only holds 12 at a time!)
  • Workstation's SSD shat a brick, some data loss
  • HVAC failure at the house Friday afternoon, repair scheduled for Tuesday
  • Lack of A/C, poison ivy rashes, and a general need to rest scuttled most weekend todo


  • More accurate jz4760 udelay()
  • Finally got the top-level rockbox.org migrated to new infra and updated the SSL certificate
  • Triaged a few more bugs


  • Get rid of global state in lib6145
  • Un-hardcode use of stderr for logging
  • Common USB connection object
  • Minor cleanup of some internal variable names
  • Discussions about a Gutenprint Printing App