What I did over the past week V

Here's the highlights of what I did over the past seven days.


  • New set of batteries in the camper, due to the old ones suffering internal damage
  • Replaced front CV axles on the RTV, changed front-end fluids, air filters, and the engine oil (again)
  • Yet more yard work -- most of the leaves in the front are now up
  • Unpacked a couple of the remaining boxes from last summer's move


  • Major xDuoo X3 clocking changes -- Dynamic CPU re-clocking, audio PLL down-clocked, and USB & SD ratios fixed. Higher performance, better battery life, and more stable to boot!
  • Triaged a few more old bug tickets and patches
  • Fixed plugin path bugs affecting the Rocker, X3ii, and X20
  • Enabled variable sample rate playback on the Rocker, X3, X3ii, and X20 (was previously fixed at 44.1KHz)
  • Upgraded Mikmod plugin to upstream code and improved its configurability


  • Finished reverse-engineering the S2245 library, fixed many bugs in the driver, and it all works!
  • Initial work on the S6145-5A/CS2-c "hashtag" printer
  • Got my FC7000 cutter/plotter un-buried and on the network