What I did over the past week IV

One whole month, wow.

Here's the highlights of what I did over the past seven days:

  • Changed the RTV's transmission's filters and hydraulic fluid, the fuel filter, and a particularly nasty coolant flush
  • Replaced the winch wiring that got ripped out by a branch. Two years ago
  • More yard work (so...many...leaves...)
  • Mounted a second bird feeder onto the existing pole, and further escalated the anti-anti-anti-squirrel countermeasures
  • Ongoing garage cleanup and organization
  • Discovered one of the camper's batteries popped its vent caps
  • Months-overdue OS upgrade on ShaftNet


  • Housecleaning on the forums
  • Further refinements to the revamped translation backend
  • Merged a couple of decade-old patches for early iPod models


  • Added Mitsubishi CP-M15 to Gutenprint (functionally equivalent to CP-M1 family)
  • Significant progress with the Sinfonia S3 / CHC-S2245, including recreating the new image processing library
  • Refactoring the CHC-S6145 backend to accommodate the S3 changes