What I did over the past week III

Three, three weeks in a row! Ha Ha Ha! [cue lightning and thunder]

Here's the highlights of what I did over the past seven days:

  • Bought a trailer to haul my Kubota RTV900 back and forth
  • Replaced the kitchen's above-cabinet fluorescent fixtures with LED tubes
  • Wired in an electric brake controller to the truck
  • Retrieved the RTV, big[ger] generator, and my kayak from the Tick Farm
  • Changed the sludgy oil in the RTV and ordered parts for a complete filter & fluid change
  • Ran the generators and changed their oil
  • Some yard work with the Kubota
  • Lacerated my knee doing said yard work and limped my bloody self to an urgent care center to get stitches.


  • Removed support for the Archos DAPs and stuff only used by them (sh architecture, character cell screens, hardware codec support, butonbars), >
  • Fixed a memory corruption bug in the voice file loader
  • Refactored and combined the Hibyplayer bootloaders
  • Triaged and closed more tickets
  • A few more GCC 4.9.4 fixes (All known issues resolved!)
  • Fixed more voice generation bugs
  • Major improvements to the translation & language tooling
  • Fixed a bug preventing volume settings from being saved


  • Some minor end-user support and started validating the CP-M15E