What I did over the past week (or so)

It's been said that busy folks don't keep journals. But whether or not that's true, I much prefer doing stuff to writing about doing stuff.

So I'm going to try something different. Here's the highlights of what I did over the past seven days:

  • Made an eight-hour round trip to retrieve four more boxes of discontinued flooring, finally having enough to make the bedrooms match the rest of the house
  • Disassembled the dishwasher for the third time in as many weeks
  • Got the lawn mower running again, which entailed disassembling and cleaning the carburetor, using a cordless drill to start it owing to a chewed-through pull string. Oh, and zip ties
  • Mowed 0.4 acres of weeds and underbrush (another 0.3 to go!)
  • Tidied up the rat's nest of wires behind my desk and put most of them in conduits to keep the kitten from ruining anything else
  • OS upgrades on an embarrassing number of computers
  • Discovered I have been directly exposed to someone with COVID-19. Joy.


  • Upgraded Gerrit from 2.13.x to 2.14.x and cleaned up the fallout
  • Various quality-of-life improvements and wart removals on the WWW site
  • Identified a fix for the longstanding problems with iFlash CF/SD adapters popular with older iPods
  • Triaged and closed several numerous tickets and patches
  • Fixed a longstanding FAT32 bug exacerbated by another recent commit
  • Fixed a large pile of TTS-related bugs, especially relating to non-English languages, and added multi-language voice generation to the daily builds

Hopefully I can sustain this type of update. Gotta keep busy, after all..