Ongoing printer developments

It's been more than a year since I've posted anything about printers. Rest assured that progress continues whether or not I write anything about it. I always keep this page updated with the current state of affairs, but day-to-day changes tend to only be documented in my selphy_print git repository.

  • New models added

    • Sony UP-D895 & UP-D897 families (more on these soon!)
    • Canon CP1300
    • Mitsubishi CP-D90DW
    • Fujifilm ASK-2000, ASK-2500, and ASK-4000
    • Nidac Copal DPB-6000, DPB-7000, and DPB-4000
  • Major enhancements (& fixes)

    • Mitsubishi CP-D707DW
    • Magicard family
    • DNP DS80DX
    • Citizen CW-01
    • Shinko/Sinfonia S1245
    • Mitsubishi CP9800/CP9810 family
    • Sony UP-DR150 and UP-DR200
    • Kodak 605
  • Minor enhancements (& fixes)

    • Canon ES2, ES20, and newer Selphy CP1000-series
    • Mitsubishi P93 & P95 families
    • Updates for latest DNP & Citizen firmware
    • Kodak 305 5" media support
    • Fujifilm ASK-300
  • Other noteworthy stuff

    • New, much simpler URI scheme for backend
    • General reliability improvements
    • Bug fixes all over the place
    • Unified marker level reporting for all printer models
    • Automated regression testing