Success with the Kodak Professional 1400

About a week ago a massive box was left on my doorstep containing a lightly-used Kodak 1400 large-format dye-sublimation printer. Lightly used to the grand total of a whopping 72 prints, according to the self-test page.

Unfortunately, my elation turned sour when I discovered that I couldn't just dump the raw spool file to the printer. Firing up a USB sniffer under WinXP, I discovered that the to-the-printer protocol bore little resemblance to the spool file -- even the image data itself used a different format. To top it all off, the printer needed intelligent buffering.

So, armed with the USB sniffer output, I heavily modified the spooler I wrote for the Canon SELPHY printers. Last night, I achieved success, and successfully printed the WinXP test page I'd previously generated, but also an image printed using Gutenprint.

The Kodak 805 printer that replaced this one probably needs a similar treatment (given that it uses the same spool file format) but unless someone sends me a printer (or cash) I won't be able to test that theory out.

I still have to generate another couple of test prints under WinXP to decode two remaining protocol options, but other than that, the Kodak 1400 printer is now usable under Linux!

Oh, this is the first image I printed on this thing via Gutenprint. I wish I could say it was something I took.