More driver hackery

This morning, I submitted the third pass at the CW1200 WLAN driver to the linux-wireless list. The change log is too long to list here, but the bulk of the changes were teased from a code dump that Sony released. It seems they went through much the same pain as I did, and of course none of the changes made it upstream.

Aside from the Sony changes, the single biggest change was a re-balancing of the tx/rx handling, so that it's now considerably fairer. Of course, there was the usual pile of small changes, including a fix for an OOPS triggered by the broken IBSS code. It's still broken, but at least it's not crashing anything now.

We'll see where v3 goes. Hopefully merged into linux-next, or barring that some meaningful feedback on what I need to do next.

In other news, Before the new year I added support to Gutenprint for the Kodak 9810 dyseub printer. None of the code's been committed yet, but there's no real rush. I'm now waiting on a Kodak 1400 printer to show up -- Once I've verified my core Gutenprint changes are sound and that printer works, I'll commit everything, marking the untested models as experimental.

Then I'll tackle the Kodak 8500 and the Mitsubishi CP3020D/CP3020DA, not that I'll be able to test those either.. Afterwards, I'll see about the more modern Mitsubishi printers if I'm feeling so inclined.

I really need to start getting rid of this pile of Canon dyseub printers. Maybe four, instead of twelve. At least the incoming Kodak 1400 is a large-format model!