CSS hackery

One of the tasks I got up to during my recent "vacation" was the first real hacking on the code powering my photo site in more than a year. This time, the changes are mostly cosmetic in nature. I've been removing JavaScript/DOM hacks in favor of CSS3 to style the buttons, check boxes/selections.

The result is far simpler markup and faster page loads because there's no JavaScript rewriting the page on the fly. In fact, the only JavaScript present now is the code that inverts the image selection, and even that's far simpler because it just walks the list of check boxes and toggles them.

I'm also giving attention to the layout and especially element spacing; trying to generally improve the intangible "feel" of the site through subtle tweaks that make things much more visually pleasing.

The goal here is to clean out as much legacy cruft as possible, so I can more easily make more complex (but necessary) UI changes. There are still too many tables used for layout/formatting; I'll be trying to eliminate those next.

I'm back to working on this thing for my sake, solving my own needs, making it into something I want to keep on using, and I must say it's a nice change. Yay for (useful) productivity!