Another two Kodak printers supported..

Just added support to Gutenprint for the Kodak 605 and 805 dyesub printers. They were mostly the same as the 6800 and 1400 (respectively) they replaced.

I've also reverse-engineered the raw dump formats of the Mitsubishi CP3020D and the CP3020DA 8x10 dyesub printers. They use a somewhat convoluted block-oriented format, with the former using CMY-based plane interleaving and the latter using RGB-based scan line interleaving. To add joy to the mix, the blocks are sent to the printer in reverse order (bottom-up), but within each block the scan lines are top-down.

Once the Kodak 1400/805/6800/6850/605 support is reviewed and committed into Gutenprint, I'll start working on the low-level changes necessary to support these Mitsubishi printers.

Maybe a grateful user will mail one of them to me in thanks? (hint hint)