Photo Organizer 2.36 is (finally) out

It's been stuck in -rc status for four months. Much less feedback this time around, which can be attributed to less interest, or perhaps the code's been more robust this time around. We'll see.

There are many more user-visible changes than usual this time around, including a nice dark theme, pretty URLs, and per-folder/album thumbnails. Oh, and a 40x speed improvement on a hot-path sql query. Yikes.

Each release has made PO's internals less obnoxious and easier to change, but I've hit another brick wall and the next set of internal improvements will be pretty invasive, with no real user-visible benefit.

Unfortunately, development has slowed down considerably lately, in part due to RealLife(tm).. but as always, it's nice to get feedback.

I also just switched PO over to using git. Due to differences in the usage model (from svn), there was no easy way to migrate the old history in the same repo and still continue using git's best practices. C'est la vie.