Photo Organizer 2.35

Yeah, Photo Organizer 2.35 came out two weeks ago, but I'd figure I should toot my own horn a little bit.

A lot of work went into making client/event management more, well, manageable. Multi-day events and the ability to directly tie clients to events tie into date-based searching to make it easy to find out just what you took for any given point in time.

Also new is pluggable authentication, two-step registration, sortable folder/album listings, much (much) faster exporting, plus a large pile of under-the-hood changes to facilitate future features. Oh, and an Italian translation.

v2.35a will probably be released this week with a small pile of bug fixes. Most of these bugs were found while testing out changes made to the development trunk.

On that note, there are a lot of cool things in the pipeline for v2.36; the most visible of which is a new theme! Rickard Olsson got the ball rolling and contributed a dark theme, which I then mangled a bit and committed. When combined with pretty URLs and per-folder thumbnails, things look pretty slick. It's funny how sometimes just how effective superficial changes can be.