Ongoing printer developments

It's been more than a year since I've posted anything about printers. Rest assured that progress continues whether or not I write anything about it. I always keep this page updated with the current state of affairs, but day-to-day changes tend to only be documented in my selphy_print git repository.

  • New models added

    • Sony UP-D895 & UP-D897 families (more on these soon!)
    • Canon CP1300
    • Mitsubishi CP-D90DW
    • Fujifilm ASK-2000, ASK-2500, and ASK-4000
    • Nidac Copal DPB-6000, DPB-7000, and DPB-4000
  • Major enhancements (& fixes)

    • Mitsubishi CP-D707DW
    • Magicard family
    • DNP DS80DX
    • Citizen CW-01
    • Shinko/Sinfonia S1245
    • Mitsubishi CP9800/CP9810 family
    • Sony UP-DR150 and UP-DR200
    • Kodak 605
  • Minor enhancements (& fixes)

    • Canon ES2, ES20, and newer Selphy CP1000-series
    • Mitsubishi P93 & P95 families
    • Updates for latest DNP & Citizen firmware
    • Kodak 305 5" media support
    • Fujifilm ASK-300
  • Other noteworthy stuff

    • New, much simpler URI scheme for backend
    • General reliability improvements
    • Bugfixes all over the place
    • Unified marker level reporting for all printer models
    • Automated regression testing

Goodnight, Moon..

January 21st, there was a total Lunar eclipse. I pulled out my Ukranian 500/5.6 mirror lens and tried to get some decent pictures, but there was a lot of haze in the upper atmosphere.

This was my favorite picture of the set:


In other news, I accidentally deleted the photos I took of the new year's sunrise, on West Palm Beach. No real loss, as it was an overcast horizon, but I got a really cool shot of the sun while driving home that I wanted to post.

I'm now a free agent...


Arm Deerfield Beach (nee Sunrise Micro Devices), April 2013 - December 1, 2018.

On October 30th, Arm informed us that they were shutting down not just our office but their entire wireless networking group. In about four more hours, I will be officially unemployed, along with over 40 of my nearly-former colleagues.

It is a gross understatement to say that this unceremonious scrapping of five and a half years of concerted effort comes as a dissapointment, but in the immortal words of Futurama's Hedonism Bot, "I regret nothing!"

Even though David Flynn's "Florida Adventure" did not ultmately acheive the commercial success Arm was looking for, we can still be proud of what we achieved. I personally learned a great deal and worked with many brilliant colleagues that I already miss. I hope our paths cross again.

....been there, done that, and got the commemorative poster.

So, what's next for Solomon Peachy? My experience at Arm has greatly expanded my skillset, and combined with a farily decent economy, I find myself in a position where I can afford to be picky and aim higher.

I'm angling for a role that I can perform (mostly) remotely, or at least closer to my Tick Farm, and ideally something that has me working on foundational Free/Open-Source Software. But even that is a wide swath, and in the mean time, I have a huge backlog of personal projects to work on, and maybe get in some long-overdue flying in the process!